About Begga D'Haese

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Begga DíHaese was born in Aalst, Belgium. The younger sister of Reinhoud and Roel DíHaese, she had to make a name for herself.

Since 1969, she has asserted herself more and more with the quiet strength of a woman who, after ten pregnancies, has lost none of her desire for self-fulfilment.

She attended the technical school in Furnes where she learnt welding in particular. For the schoolís 25 th anniversary, she created, together with the students of a welding class, a sculpture 4 metres high weighing more than 1000 kg. Very rapidly, however, she found her real love in the fine, ceaseless working of wood and marble. By sheer talent, perseverance, will and discipline,

Begga DíHaese has succeeded fully in getting her exteriorised sensations under full plastic control. She communicates her inspiration that varies depending on her feelings and happy mood (as she can only create when in a positive mood), which exudes happiness. Devoid of bitterness or parallel feelings, her art tends to make the world more agreeable. It radiates a tactile quality that grazes our senses and gives us an intense desire to come into contact with the material. Her sculptures invite the beholder to caress.